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Math Worksheets | Fourth Grade Capacity Questions Worksheet
1.  Cans of cola hold 330ml and cost 21 cents. Bottles of cola hold 1 liter and cost 61 cents. Which are better value for money? _________
2.  Mrs. Honeypot uses 30 grams of cheese to make half a pint of cheese sauce. How much sauce could she make with 750 grams of cheese? _________
3.  The label on the bottle suggests that I use one part orange squash to five parts water. If I put seven cups of orange squash into a jug, how much water should I add? _________
4.  A bottle of medicine holds 120ml. The doctor says that Joanne has to take 20ml per day until the bottle is finished. For how many days does Joanne have to take the medicine? _________
5.  Half a liter of orange juice, 200ml of apple juice and 300ml of pineapple juice makes enough fruit punch for four people. How much punch would I need to make for eight people? _________
6.  A bucket holds 5 liters of water and a large jug holds 250ml. If I fill the bucket with water, how many jugs can I fill from it? _________