Stamps cost 20¢. Parcels cost 60¢ per 500g.
1.  Anna spent 80¢ on stamps. How many stamps did she buy? ________
2.  Adam spent twice as much as Anna on stamps. How much did he spend? $___.____
3.  How many stamps did he get? ________
4.  How much would it cost to send three 500g parcels and two letters? $___.____
5.  It costs 60¢ to send a 500g parcel. How much would it cost to send a 1.5kg parcel? $___.____
6.  How much change would you get from $5.00? $___.____
7.  How much does a parcel weigh if it costs $1.80 to send? _______kg
8.  What is the difference in cost between a stamp and a 500g parcel? $___.____