Make free math worksheets for children. The Math Worksheet Wizard is a simple-to-use tool for teachers and parents.

Math Worksheet Wizard Feedback

Hello and thanks for trying the Math Worksheet Wizard. My name is Nick Ramsay and I'm always interested to hear what people think of this website and how I can make it better. I'm actually an English teacher in Japan, not a math teacher. I started the Math Worksheet Wizard because my mother was a primary school teacher in the UK, specializing in math. Most of the worksheets on this site were made for her. Please let me know what you think and especially if you find any bugs. Many thanks!

A lot of people have had problems printing worksheets. Everything looks fine on the screen, but only the border prints. Try as I might, I've not been able to duplicate the problem at my end. However, people have reported that using a different web browser works. So if you're using Internet Explorer, try Firefox, or vice-versa. I have been working hard to rewrite the code behind the worksheets so this is no longer a problem. I've converted 88 out of 235 worksheet makers so far. It's a big job! :)

Email: nick AT the name of this website.

Your email address will be kept private. I might reply to comments for more suggestions or a more in-depth explanation if necessary, and if I ever get round to making a newsletter for this site, I hope you won't mind me sending it to you.

Best regards, Nick Ramsay.

Feedback from math wizards!

Dear Nick, would it be possible to make worksheets with horizontal sums? Many thanks, Mary.
Done! You can make them with the Horizontal Fact Wizard.

Wow! These are great! Thanks for making it easier to get math worksheets for my 2nd and 5th grade children. Donna.

Great resource! Is there any way so you can have less problems on a page to give the children more space to write? Chris.
Done! Now you can choose from 6, 9, or 12 problems.

I am a sister in high school making worksheets for my sister in elementary school... I really think that this website is a good way to help her learn! I would recommend this website to every teacher and every parent I know! Ashlee.

I teach special Ed Pre-schoolers. It would be great if we could make our own work sheets with objects to count with the numbers.
Done! See the Kindergarten Numbers page.

Do you have anything with story problems? That would be awesome! AK.
Done! There are story problems in most of the sections.

I think the things you've made are great. I'm a teacher and I teach 3rd grade - they're really good students! Nicole.

Under the addition choice, there needs to be a choice of regrouping and no regrouping in order for students to build skills properly without confusion. Thanks! Tammy.
Done! You can now select "Regrouping" for both addition and subtraction.

I've just found your website and am delighted. I teach children who are having difficulties with maths so the possibility of repeating the same worksheet, but with different numbers is great! Tracey.

You are so great!!! I like your design and the Math looks so interesting for the kids. Joyce.