1.  It costs 50¢ to go on a fairground ride. How much would it cost for seven children to go on the ride? _________
2.  Mrs. Honeypot is a very kind teacher. She spends $5.40 on nine chocolate bars for her class. How much did each bar cost? _________
3.  Joanne spent $2.55 in a shop. Her parents had given her $5.00. How much change should Joanne have? _________
4.  The Choco Mega Bar costs 30¢. How many could you buy if you had $3.00? _________
5.  Paul was going on a sponsored walk. The walk was 10 miles. He collected $1.60 from his dad, $2.10 from his mom and 80¢ from his sister. How much did he collect altogether? _________
6.  Sam has been saving his pocket money to buy a game. The game costs $27.00. He gets $4.50 pocket money a week. How many weeks will he need to save for? _________