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First Grade Math Worksheets

First Grade Are you a First Grade or Year One teacher? Are you a parent with a six or seven year old child? If so, please consider bookmarking or linking to this page. You can make an unlimited number of math worksheets for your grade one children using the worksheet makers accessible from this page.

The First Grade math worksheets are divided into four sections: numbers, arithmetic, money and time. When you go into each category, you will see a selection of math wizards to choose from.

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Number Worksheets - First Grade / Year One

Number Worksheets These worksheets will help yor children learn all the numbers from 0 to 30. There are various kinds fo worksheets that challenge your children to order and count forwards and backwards, guess missing numbers, complete patterns, understand and apply "more" and "less" with simple arithmetic, and recognise numbers written as words. Of course, the bingo and board games are included! Don't forget that each worksheet is completely unique, so you can make new number worksheets every time! Make number worksheets!

Arithmetic Worksheets - First Grade / Year One

Arithmetic Worksheets Give your young learners all the math practice they need with these arithmetic worksheets. Each worksheet wizard is progressively harder than the last, so your children can master grade one arithmetic step-by-step. Start with addition and subtraction under 10, they will learn about tens and units, then doubles and near doubles, followed by 3-digit addition, bridging 10 and 20, addition and subtraction up to 20, double digits and math stories. Make arithmetic worksheets!

Money Worksheets - First Grade / Year One

Money Worksheets The kindergarten worksheets for learning about money focused on recognizing coins and their values. Now, in grade one, they will need all their arithmetic skills for addition and subtraction problems in 'real life' situations with money. Most of these worksheet wizards create story problems about buying items and calculating the change. You can choose the currency to use in your worksheets (cents or pence) to make them more appropriate to your location. Make money worksheets!

Time Worksheets - First Grade / Year One

First Grade Time Worksheets Having mastered time to the hour with the Kindergarten time worksheets, now your children can learn how to tell the time to the half hour. You have a choice of worksheets including matching exercises so your kids can match analog to digital times and vice-versa, drawing clock hands, writing digital times, and there's even Time Bingo thrown in for good measure. Remember, every worksheet generated is unique! Make time worksheets!