Make free math worksheets for children. The Math Worksheet Wizard is a simple-to-use tool for teachers and parents.

Multi-Purpose Math Forms

Math Worksheet Wizard The math wizards on this page create various kinds of forms and charts for your children to use in measurement exercises or surveys. The forms are very flexible so you can decide the titles and values of each box, and have your children write their answers, draw smiley faces, or check off their findings as they go.

Form Wizard 1 - One wide and two narrow columns

Math Form 1

Make math forms for your children to record their findings. The layout is three columns, which makes it perfect for surveys or checking yes/no boxes. You can choose the numbers of rows and various other options to customize the form to suit your needs. [Example]

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Form Wizard 2 - Two columns with optional repeated text

Math Form 2

This wizard makes a two column layout and is perfect for comparisons. You can enter your own text for each column, such as "___ is bigger than ____", with each column representing an estimate and then the actual weight, height, size, etc. [Example]

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Form Wizard 3 - Four columns

Math Form 3

Make a four-column chart with this wizard. It's perfect for money or counting because, for example, you can have one column for your estimate, then use the other columns to count and separate tens, fives and ones. Customize the form to your liking. [Example]

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Form Wizard 4 - Two columns with rows for two-step questions

Math Form 4

Use this wizard to create a two-column math chart with double space on the right for two-part answers. It's perfect for math stories because there is more space to write questions, and two slots for your children to show their working out. [Example]

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