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Fourth Grade Money Worksheets

These fourth grade money worksheets continue to test your students with real-life situations involving exchanging money. Included in this section are worksheets with lists of items and prices, fractions of money, and more questions to practice addition and multiplication skills with dollars, pounds or euros.

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Shopping - Calculate the cost then work out the change


There are 16 food items on this shopping worksheet. Your students need to choose four of them and write them in the first row of the table, under "Item prices". Then, they need to work out the total cost and the change from 5 dollars, pounds or euros. After that, they should repeat the exercise three more times with different items.

Fractions of Money

Fractions of Money

This money worksheet contains ten questions about fractions. Your chidlren need to work out fractions of values up to one dollar, pound or euro. Two examples of the questions on this worksheet are:

What is two thirds of 90¢?

What fraction of 20¢ is 10¢?

Spending and Saving

Spending and Saving

The six questions generated by this math wizard test your children on their addition and multiplication skills with money problems. The questions are about saving and spending. Here is an example:

Paul was going on a sponsored walk. The walk was 8 miles. He collected 80¢ from his dad, $2.70 from his mom and 40¢ from his sister. How much did he collect altogether?

Money Addition

Money Addition

This worksheet is made up of six addition questions, which each use different wording for findings sums, e.g. sum, total, add, and plus. The values range from 99 cents (or pennies) to 10 dollars, pounds or euros. Here are two examples:

What is the sum of $4.01 and $6.45.

What is the total cost of a $9.61 yo-yo and a $7.33 swimming hat?

Shopping Questions

Shopping Questions

This math wizard generates a row of 8 different food items with prices between 5 cents or pence and 5 dollars, pounds or euros. Your children need to look at the prices of the items, and answer the five questions that follow, for example:

If you bought an orange, how much change would you have from $5.00?

What's the total cost of an apple and a tomato?

Going to the Fair

Going to the Fair

There are four tables of prices at a fairground on this worksheet. The tables are divided into rides, stalls, food and drink, with four items in each. Given a set amount of money, your children need to decide how they will spend that money, what change they will have, and how much it would cost to take some friends. An example question is:

How much would it cost for you and four friends to do the same things?