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Fifth Grade Money Worksheets

In grade 5, the students continue using money in real-life situations. For example, in this section, there are worksheets for shopping at a snowboard store, a general sports shop, and making choices about costs at theme parks and aquariums. There are also a few worksheets to further test your students' arithmetic skills using prices between 10 and 100 dollars, pounds or euros.

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Shopping - Calculate costs at a snowboard store

Shopping at a snowboard store

Winter is here and it's snowboarding season! Your children need to visit this sports store to buy some snowboarding gear. There are a dozen items listed with random prices. Below them is a list of seven selections of items that your children need to "buy". See if they can calculate the total cost of the items in each selection.

Theme Park Decisions - Use these price lists to plan a great day out!

Theme Park Decisions

Imagine you are taking your students on a school trip. They will go to a theme park and on some day trips to castles, caves, aquariums and more. This wizard creates a page with price lists for all the things your children can do on their trip. Encourage them to plan their holiday and work out the cost of different plans.

Aquarium Visit - Calculate the cheapest way to visit the aquarium

Aquarium Visit

Three families are going on a day trip to the Bluewater Aquarium. Your students need to calculate the cost for each family, and which special offers they should use to keep the price to a minimum.

Sports Shop Shopping - Work out the sale prices on sporting goods

Sports Shop Shopping

The sales have started at this sports shop and everything is going cheap! Ask your students to look at the special offers and calculate the sale price of each item in the list. Press "Make Worksheet" to generate new prices each time.

Fairground Bar Chart - Draw a bar chart to show times, queues or cost

Fairground Bar Chart

The table on this worksheet lists five fairground rides, along with the waiting time, length of ride and cost per person. Have your students use this data to draw bar charts. Your students can follow this up by writing a report stating their preferred rides and why.

Money Addition - Add money values together to find the total

Money Addition

This worksheet generates six addition questions, each with different wording for findings sums, e.g. sum, total, add, and plus. The values go from 10 to 100 dollars, pounds or euros, so bridging 100 is common. Here are two examples:

Find the total of $47.65 and $36.32.

Tom has $22.46 and Joanne has $94.56. How much do they have together?

Money Subtraction - Subtract double-digit money values.

Money Subtraction

This worksheet creates six subtraction questions, each with different words for findings the results, e.g. minus, subtract and take away. The values range from 10 to 100 dollars. Here are two examples:

What's $74.61 take away $51.39?

Erin spends $25.11. She started with $39.49. How much does she have now?

Money Arithmetic - Addition and subtractions problems.

Money Arithmetic

Make math worksheets with four addition and four subtraction problems. Each problem uses money values between 10 and 100 dollars, pounds or euros. A monospace font is used to resemble prices.