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Third Grade Math Worksheets

Third Grade The third grade math worksheet makers are divided into four sections: arithmetic, measurement, money and time. Clicking on a section will take you to a page full of wizards for that topic. Please link to or bookmark this page so you can easily come back and make more worksheets for your little grade 3 math wizards.

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Arithmetic Worksheets - Third Grade / Year 3

Arithmetic Worksheets This section contains a wide variety of arithmetic worksheets. Your students can further practice addition and subtraction with bridging doubles and near doubles. They can study multiplication with the worksheets, "Working with tens" and "Multiples". Division is covered with "Halving", "Remainders" and "Fractions", and there are a number of story problems as well. Practice using mathematical language such as "half" and "more than", and combine arithmetic skills into fun stories. Make arithmetic worksheets!

Measurement Worksheets - Third Grade / Year 3

Measurement Worksheets Measurement is a big part of third grade math. The worksheets in this section provide practice with reading measurements on scales, rulers and measuring jugs, and measuring the length of lines. Other worksheets include "Rounding Distances" and a survey for popular sports. There are written question worksheet makers, too, including one that generates "How far?" questions, and others that combine quantity, weight, cost, length, time and height. Make measurement worksheets!

Money Worksheets - Third Grade / Year 3

Money Worksheets The worksheet makers in this section of third grade test your children on values up to ten dollars, pounds or euros. Since this could include prices such as $2.56 or $8.35, your students will need all their arithmetic skills to calculate costs and change. The worksheets are in story question form, asking questions about total prices and change when making purchases in different situations, and there are shopping cards included for role-play activities. Make money worksheets!

Time Worksheets - Third Grade / Year 3

Time Worksheets In the kindergarten section, the children were tested on times rounded to the hour. In first grade, the times were rounded to half hours, and in second grade, the clocks showed times rounded to 15 minutes. Now, in third grade, your students will complete exercises that round the time to 5 minutes. These include matching digital and analog times, drawing hands on analog clocks, writing digital times, and even answering questions about calendars and daily routines. Make time worksheets!