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Reception Year / Kindergarten Color Worksheets

The following wizards will make worksheets to practice twelve common colors: red, white, pink, green, orange, black, blue, brown, yellow, gray, purple, and beige. The arrangement of the colors on each worksheet will change every time you press the "Make Worksheet" button. This means that your children have an umlimited supply of color practice!

Most of the worksheet wizards only use six colors, so you can choose which colors you'd like to focus on. This is the current list of colors: orange, pink, beige, blue, brown, black
Customize this list below, or generate a
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Touch Worksheets

Touch Colors

Create 'Touch' worksheets with colors. Choose a style and an optional frame, and call the colors for your kids to touch.

Frame: None Hands Drums

Bingo Sheets

Color Bingo

Create a bingo sheet with colors. Reinforce understanding of the basic colors with these fun bingo sheets. Remember that each time you click the "Make Worksheet" button, the position of the colors in the bingo grid will change.

Note that this bingo wizard uses all 12 colors, not only your chosen colors.

3x3 4x4 5x5

Match-up Worksheets

Colors Match-up

Create a match-up with colors. Can your kids match the colors? Challenge them with these match-up worksheets!

Dice Template

Colors Dice Template

Create a dice template with colors. Kids love to throw things, right? Print off a couple of templates and make dice for the kids to roll. Use them for games, finding colors, or even the Touch and Bingo sheets above.

Color Spinner

Color Spinner

Create a color spinner with colors. Either spin a pencil on the sheet, or cut it out and push a pencil through the center, and give it a spin! Have your kids call out the colors, or use it as a dice.

Color Patterns

Color Patterns

Make a color pattern with colors. Can your children tell you which color comes next in the sequence? Use these print-outs again and again.

Colors Board Game

Colors Board Game

Create a colors board game, a fun way to help your kids remember their colors. Have your children name the colors as they land on those squares!

Note that this board game wizard uses all 12 colors, not only your chosen colors.

Count the Colors

Count the Colors

Have your students count how many colors there are on these worksheets. They can practice counting as well as naming and sorting the colors. Each sheet is randomly generated with the colors you chose.