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Kindergarten / Reception Year - Math Worksheets

Kindergarten If you teach at kindergarten, or are the parent of children between 4 and 6 years old, please consider bookmarking or linking to this page. For young learners, the worksheet makers accessible from this section give you the ability to create thousands of unique math worksheets that your kids will enjoy using.

The math worksheets for kindergarten are divided into the following sections: Numbers, Addition & Subtraction, Shapes, Colors, Money and Time. When you click through to each category, you will see a selection of worksheet makers to choose from, based on the theme of the section.

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Number Worksheets - Kindergarten / Reception Year

Number Worksheets Make and print worksheets to help yor children learn all the numbers from 0 to 20. Choose from bingo, match-ups, patterns and many more wizards. Use these printables to help your kids recognize and write the numbers in a fun way. Don't forget that each worksheet is randomly generated according to your preferences, so you can make new number worksheets every time! Make number worksheets!

Addition & Subtraction Worksheets - Kindergarten / Reception Year

Addition and Subtraction Worksheets Help your young learners with these addition and subtraction worksheets. Choose from numbers up to twenty and decide on whether to use pictures of animals for each problem, or simple numbers. Then let the math wizards create colorful, fun worksheets that get your kids matching the problems with their answers, or simply writing the answers in the spaces provided.
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Shape Worksheets - Kindergarten / Reception Year

Shape Worksheets Teach your children the basic shapes: circle, square, triangle, rectangle, heart and star with these shape wizards. You can make a "touch" sheet with hands or drums, a shapes bingo sheet, match-up activities and even dice with shapes on them! Every time you use a wizard, it will put the shapes randomly on the worksheet, so you can use them again and again! Make shape worksheets!

Color Worksheets - Kindergarten / Reception Year

Color Worksheets To help your children sort by color, they'll first need to recognize these 12 colors: red, white, pink, green, orange, black, blue, brown, yellow, gray, purple, and beige. Use these worksheet wizards to make color bingo, "touch" sheets, color matching activities and even a color spinner! Each wizard will create color worksheets with the colors in a random order, so you can use them time and again.
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Money Worksheets - Kindergarten / Reception Year

Money Worksheets Introduce your children to coins with these money worksheets. Choose from U.S coins, British coins, or Euros, and create bingo sheets, board games, match up activities and more to help your children recognize money early on. Knowing how much each coin is worth is a fundamental skill which will help your young students later in their schooling when they need to add and subtract coins.
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Time Worksheets - Kindergarten / Reception Year

Kindergarten Time Worksheets Teach your children how to tell the time with these time worksheets. Kindergarten children learn to read o'clock time, so these worksheets give ample practice in recognizing one o'clock through to 12 o'clock. Have them match analog to digital times, draw hand on clock faces, write the ties shown on analog clocks, and even play fun games like bingo!
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