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Reception Year / Kindergarten Money Worksheets

Choose from U.S coins, British coins, or Euros, and then generate worksheets to help your children differentiate between the coins and their values. These worksheets focus on coin recognition and counting before they move on to addition and subtraction at later levels.

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Choose your currency

All the worksheets you create will be based on the currency you choose here:

U.S British Euros
US Presidential Dollar British Pound One Euro
View coin chart View coin chart View coin chart

Touch Worksheets

Touch Money

Create 'touch' worksheets with money. Choose the kind of frame you want, and click "Make Worksheet" to generate a worksheet with the first six coins of your chosen currency, arranged in a random order.

None Hands Drums

Bingo Sheets

Money Bingo

Create bingo sheets with money. Have your children practice coin recognition with these fun bingo sheets. The coins for your chosen currency are randomly placed on the grid each time you click the "Make Worksheet" button.

3x3 4x4 5x5

Dice Template

Number Dice Template

Make a money dice template using the first six coins of your chosen currency. Allow your kids to throw the die around, learning the different coins while having fun.

Coins Blank

Money Spinner

Money Spinner

Create a money spinner with coins. Use a pencil and spin it on the sheet, or cut out the spinner and push a pencil through the center. Have your children spin it and call out the coins!

Money Board Game

Money Board Game

Create a money board game, a great way to practice recognizing coins. All the coins from your chosen currency will be randomly placed in squares on the board, and your children have to say the value of each coin as they land on it.

Match the Coins

Money Match-up

Create a match-up worksheet with coins. Six random coins from your chosen currency will be lined up on the left and right of the page. Have your kids connect the matching coins!

Match the Values

Money Value Match-up

Make a match-up worksheet with coins and their values. Have your children connect the coins on the left side of the page with their values on the right-hand side.

How Many?

How Many?

Have your children count how many coins of each denomination there are with this worksheet. It will help them recognize the different coins and reinforce their counting skills. Each sheet is randomly generated.

Coin Addition

Coin Addition

Create addition sheets with money. These worksheets use low valued coins for simple addition. Have your children match the coins to their sum.

1¢ and 5¢