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First Grade Money Worksheets

Using either U.S, British or European currency, make money worksheets to challenge your children's numeracy skills with 'real life' problems. After your children have got to grips with adding and subtracting coins, have them attempt the "Money Stories", four math wizards that generate unique problems every time!

Note: These worksheets use values up to twenty cents or pence.

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Choose your currency

All the worksheets you create will be based on the currency you choose here:

U.S British Euros
US Presidential Dollar British Pound One Euro
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Count Your Pennies

Count Your Pennies

Make a chart to separate tens and ones. When you click "Make Worksheet", a chart will be generated with three columns; one for dimes (or equivalent), one for pennies or cents, and the other for the total amount. The first half of the chart asks your children to break down the total into 10s and 1s, while the second half has your kids make the total from the 10s and 1s listed. Try it and see.

Max Number:

Coin Addition

Coin Addition

Make addition sheets with money. In the kindergarten version of this wizard, your children needed to match the coins to their totals. This time, they need to add up and write the total themselves in the boxes provided.

1¢ and 5¢

Money Stories 1 - Addition under 10

Money Stories 1

Make a math with money worksheet. This math wizard generates random questions to test your children's use of simple addition in 'real life' situations. Examples of the questions on this worksheet are "How much are four 2¢ carrots?" and "I buy some chocolate for 6¢. How much change do I get from 10¢?" Note that every worksheet you make will be unique.

Money Stories 2 - Subtracting a number less than 10 from 20

Money Stories 2

Create a math with money worksheet. When you click "Make Worksheet", a number of unique questions will be generated, testing your student's ability to subtract a single digit number from 20. An example question is "David buys a cookie for 5¢. What is his change from 20¢?".

Money Stories 3 - Subtracting a number over 10 from 20

Money Stories 3

Make a math with money worksheet. Similar to the worksheet maker above, this wizard creates random problems that require subtracting a number from 20. For example, "Erin buys some cake for 13¢. She gives the shopkeeper 20¢. How much change does she get?", and one that includes addition first, "Adam has 20¢ to spend. He buys a carrot for 5¢ and a sandwich for 8¢. How much change does he get?".

Money Stories 4 - Comparing prices between 1 and 20

Money Stories 4

Build a math with money worksheet. This last "Money Stories" wizard compares prices between 1 and 20 cents or pence. It gives pratice with "more" or "less". An example question is "The eggs cost 11¢. The cookies cost 19¢. How much more are the cookies than the eggs?".