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First Grade Time Worksheets

In first grade, children learn to read the time to the hour and half hour. These worksheet wizards provide practice in matching analog to digital time and reading clock faces.


1. These worksheets teach time to the hour and half hour.

2. Print a clock face template -> Printable Clock Face.

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Match the Times

Time Match-up

Create a match-up worksheet with time. Six random clock faces with times to the hour and half hour are listed on the left and your students need to match them to the digital times on the right.

Draw the Times

Draw the Times

On each clock face, ask your children to draw the time that matches the digital time written below each clock. In first grade, we're practicing time to the hour and half hour, so your children will need to understand that for 30 minutes, the big hand should point to the 6.

Write the Times

Write the Times

Ask your children to write the digital times in the space below each clock face on the worksheet. they will need to show they understand times to the hour and half hour, and can write them in numerals, too.

Bingo Sheets

Time Bingo

Create bingo sheets with analog clock faces. Your children can practice reading o'clock times and times to the half hour with a few fun games of bingo! Choose your grid size and click the "Make Worksheet" button.

3x3 4x4 5x5

Time Board Game

Time Board Game

Make a time board game with analog clock faces. Each square on the board has an analog clock face with a random time to the hour or half hour. Have your kids roll a die and move their counter along the board reading the times from the clocks as they go.

Dice Template

Time Dice Template

Make a time dice template with six random clock faces showing time to the hour and half hour. Give your children a fun way to practice telling the time. Every time you click the "Make Worksheet" button, different clock faces (with no repetitions) will be generated.

Clocks Blank

Days and Months

Days and Months Worksheets

Create worksheets for days and months. is the sister site to Math Worksheet Wizard. Use the worksheet generator to create 18 different kinds of worksheets, for over 30 different themes, including days and months. Like this site, it is free to use. Make "Months Bingo", a "Days of the Week Wordsearch", or anything else that will help your children remember their days and months.