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Fourth Grade Time Worksheets

In Fourth Grade, you can challenge your students with clock faces and digital times rounded right down to the nearest minute. These worksheets also include written questions with a variety of time problems and also bus timetables for your children to complete.


1. These worksheets teach time rounded to the minute.

2. Get a clock face template -> Printable Clock Face.

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Match the Times

Time Match-up

Make a match-up worksheet for time. Can your children match the six analog clocks with the correct digital times? The times are rounded to the minute, so distinguishing 3:17 from 3:18 can be tricky.

Draw the Times

Draw the Times

The math wizard makes a worksheet with nine empty clock faces. Below each clock is a digital time. Ask your students to draw hands on the clocks, so that the analog times match the digital ones.

Write the Times

Write the Times

With this worksheet, your children can practice reading analog clocks rounded right down to the minute. Have your students write the correct digital times in the spaces provided below each clock face.

Bingo Sheets

Time Bingo

Each clock face in this version of bingo will show a random time, as accurate as one minute. As the teacher, you'll need to print two copies of each sheet, one for yourself and one for the student so you are able to call times the children have. Alternatively, walk around and look over their shoulders! Another variation is to call the hours from 1 to 12 instead of minutes. If you do use minutes, watch out for contentious issues such as "Is it 4:17 or 4:18?".

3x3 4x4 5x5

Time Board Game

Time Board Game

Make a board game filled with analog clocks. Have your children take turns rolling a dice and moving their around the board. When they stop on a clock, they need to read the time on the clock face. Times are rounded to one minute.

Time Problems

Time Problems

These time qestions cover a variety of written question. For example, your students will need to work out end times given start times, and the time needed to do something repeatedly. Two examples of the questions on this worksheet are:

Sally walked one mile in 20 minutes. How long would it take her to walk two miles at the same speed?

The soccer match started at 5:00pm. Each half was 45 minutes. What time did the first half end?

Bus Timetables

Bus Timetables

This math wizard makes a sheet of questions about bus timetables. There are three parts including two timetables which your children need to complete. The times vary with each click of the "Make Worksheet" button. Here is an example of the last question:

Sally leaves home at 12:30 to catch the 12:45 bus from Blueberry Hills to Evergreen Park. The bus ride takes 5 minutes. How long does her whole journey take?