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Grade 5 Measurement Worksheets

This fifth grade section of Math Worksheet Wizard has new worksheets to help your children practice showing data on bar line graphs. There are also worksheets for drawing quadrilaterals at given co-ordinates and a fun math battleships game sheet. Other worksheets cover perimeters, weather temperatures, greater than or less than, angles and general questions about measuring.

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Bar Line Graphs

Bar Line Graphs

This worksheet shows the results of a class game. Ask your students to use the information to draw a bar line graph. The number of children should go on the vertical y-axis, and the scores should go on the horizontal x-axis. Make sure the students choose an appropriate scale, label the axes and give their graph a title.

Max. students per score:

Sales Graphs - Draw graphs to show sales

Sales Graphs

A ticket vendor has written his sales figures for the week in a table. Your students need to take those numbers and draw two graphs to show the daily changes visually. The second graph uses a larger scale than the first. Your children need to decide which graph shows the ticket vendor's sales more favorably.

Drawing Quadrilaterals

Drawing Quadrilaterals

Ask your children to look at the co-ordinates given above each of the four grids and draw the corresponding quadrilaterals in the correct places. Generate new co-ordinates each time you make a worksheet.

Battleships - Quadrilaterals and co-ordinates


Put your students in pairs and give each child a battleships worksheet. Ask them to draw five different quadrilateral on the first grid and color them in different colors. Each point on each quadrilateral should be labeled with its co-ordinates.

Have the children take turns guessing at the co-ordinates of each point of their partner's battleships. Once all the co-ordinates on a battleship are hit, the owner of the sinking ship should tell them what color it is. Use the second grid for marking guesses and hits, and coloring in the opposing player's battleships.

Perimeters - Measure the perimeters of six polygons


There are six polgons on this worksheet; a triangle, a square, a rectangle, a pentagon, a hexagon and an octogon. The size of each shape is different with every worksheet you make. Have your children measure the sides of each shape and write down the perimeter.

Greater or Less Than?

Greater or Less Than?

Use this worksheet to practice recognizing which large numbers are greater or less than other numbers. Your children need to write a list of numbers by size in ascending and descending order, and then choose which operator to put between pairs of numbers, either the greater than or less than operator.

World Weather

World Weather

This worksheet shows temperatures in cities around the world. Have your students study the table and answer the questions. Two examples are:

What's the hottest city?

What's the difference in temperature between Moscow and Sydney?

Missing Angles - Work out what the 3 missing angles are

World Weather

This math wizard generates 9 pictures of intersecting lines, and tells you the size of the smallest angle. Knowing that a cirlce is 360 degrees, your children should be able to calculate the size of the remaining three angles without measuring them. The first is an example.

Measuring Problems

Measuring Problems

This wizard creates a worksheet with six measurment problems for your students to solve. Here are two examples:

Sally is 93cm tall. I am 1m 22cm tall. How much taller am I?

David is making a picture frame that is 60cm by 80cm. What is the perimeter of the picture?

Temperature Problems

Temperature Problems

Here are six questions all about temperature. The actual numbers used in each problem are randomly generated so change each time you make a new worksheet. Here are two examples:

The temperature has fallen from 5°C to -5°C. How far has it fallen?

Last week it was 7°C outside, but it has dropped 8 degrees since then. What's the temperature outside this week?

Museum Visits - Draw a bar line graph and answer questions

Museum Visits

This worksheet wizard produces a table showing the number of visitors to a popular museum every month for a year. Ask your children to show that data as a bar line graph and answer three questions about the most and least popular months.